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by Kimmy Yeah

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released July 12, 2013




Kimmy Yeah Sheffield

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Track Name: Thurso (demo)
I'm a see-saw lonely place with a muzzle on,
Won't fit quite as nice as I want
SIX-teen pounds in my pocket and a gas mask
Won't defend in this atmosphere
There's a second bit of foam out the corner of my mouth
But. No. One. Wants. to. Point. it. out
It's embarrassing, It is fucking shameful
But you know I'll shake it out
Because I wanna say...
I'm at the northernmost tip
You can hear me singing for miles
I've got it tweaked as fuck
You can't see me turning the dials
You're a lobster stuck in a tired recipe
And you won't feel the boiling point
Of the water as you're dipped and you're salted and enjoyed
What a life you can soon claim to have
Itttsss.... a painful transition as they are published
The guidebooks are out of date
It's a fading business model
And I feel it start to wobble
As I step up to the plate
To shout out...

It's a soaking waste of a good piece of chamois
I will use for my improv
And I will hold it together and be distraught
While I soak and lose my mind
It's... another piece of prose like the last one
Seal it up and post it out
I will promise currency
You will have to wait and see
You will not feel like you're free
As we call out..